Kass Logistics, Inc. was founded in 2008 by K. Jumper & Nicole Warner after increased volume outgrew existing capacity for its affiliate, Kass Transport, Inc. We needed to provide reliable transportation solutions to our customers. We did just that by creating a network of partnered resources which then graduated into a fully operational and thriving 3rd Party Logistics provider.


We are often asked, “where did the name Kass come from” or “is Kass an acronym, and if so what does it stand for”. The answer to these questions reaches the core of the Kass companies and what we are, what we stand for, and what is important to us – family. Be it traditional family relationships or strong business relationships, we are family and hold these relationships to the highest regard. Kass is short for young Kassidy Grace who was taken from this earth well before her time, but we know she is in a better place now. So, the Kass companies are a tribute to Kassidy’s memory as well as a motivation for future successes and longevity.

Kass Transport, Inc.

Kass Logistics, Inc.

In 2006, Kass Transport was born starting with one tractor and one trailer hauling dry goods coast to coast with TEAM operators. Kass Transport then secures frozen seafood contract to haul multi-stop frozen seafood from So Cal to the east coast and back. The Kass Transport fleet grows to five company owned units, six owner operators, and fourteen refrigerated trailers.

In 2008, Kass Logistics was incorporated with the unified plan to reduce costs and allow the Kass brand to run more efficiently. Therefore, Kass Logistics, Inc. facilitated the supplementation of Kass Transport asset division.

In 2008, Kass Logistics was born to supplement its asset division, Kass Transport.  After two years of solid growth, Kass Logistics was relocated from Corona, California in 2010 to the thriving metropolis of Drums, Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on providing state of the art technology for our associates, customers, and partners. The infrastructure has been laid as a foundation for a solid future. We have partnered with the transportation industry’s leading software providers for the most up to date and functional dispatch, tracking, and accounting capabilities to ensure seamless transactions.

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